you plus us=design that could change the world

You're about to do something. It may be big or it may be small, but no matter what, it will change the world in some way. Maybe you're writing a book to change the way people view things. Or inventing a product that changes the way people do things. Starting a business, launching a campaign, or imagining a new website.

You need to present it in a way the world can understand. That's where we come in.

How It Works

1. Get in touch with us and we'll talk about your project and what you're looking for.
2. We'll send you an estimate.
3. You'll send us a deposit.
4. We'll make something great.
5. We'll send you an invoice for the actual hours we worked, minus your deposit.

Super, right?

If you want to continue working together after that initial project, we can figure out periodic billings so Guglik Design can be on-call for whatever projects might come up.

Let's Get Started


"Chandra brings new definition to the term 'Creative Professional.' Her design talents are sharp and smart... and her great attitude is unparalleled."

—Megan McCarthy, Senior Graphic Designer, Baltimore Museum of Art

"I hired Chandra as a contractor...and ended up keeping her much longer than originally planned due to her smarts, creativity, work ethic and wonderful personality. She possesses great craft in design and I will gladly send any needed creative undertakings her way again."

—Peter Tillinghast, Wealth Management Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

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