Milestones Timeline

Centro de los Derechos del Migrante wanted to create an impactful and easily-digestible timeline of their campaign to fight for migrant workers’ rights through NAFTA/USMCA. We created custom icons and this infographic to showcase their progress.

Book Reference Figures

Danielle Branche-Brown hired us to create clear and easy-to-understand illustrations to be used in her counseling book, …And I Still Love You. She sent hand-drawn sketches and we used the branding from her book cover to make fresh images to illustrate the concepts in her book.

Framework Graphic

Dr. McElroy asked us to help create a graphic that would show how an implementation model is being applied to her research. We created a streamlined, easy-to-follow graphic with separate layers she could use to highlight particular areas as she presents her research.

White Paper Graphics

Ambu was creating an ebook for their content marketing campaign and wanted to make the research- and guidance-oriented information engaging for their readers. We created several graphics to accompany the dense text, including maps, infographics, and explanatory illustrations. Using their corporate branding, we created clean, professional pieces to weave into the ebook for a product that looks good and effectively communicates their story.

Dental Health Infographic

MDAC wanted to reach the public with this potentially life-changing health information. We took the dense and important information and created positive and easy-to-understand graphics with scannable messaging and high-impact visuals.