Non-Profit Pitch Deck

We created a flexible pitch deck template for I C THAT to present their multi-pronged mission to potential investors. We created custom icons and added subtle animations to make it dynamic.

Milestones Timeline

Centro de los Derechos del Migrante wanted to create an impactful and easily-digestible timeline of their campaign to fight for migrant workers’ rights through NAFTA/USMCA. We created custom icons and this infographic to showcase their progress.

Book Reference Figures

Danielle Branche-Brown hired us to create clear and easy-to-understand illustrations to be used in her counseling book, …And I Still Love You. She sent hand-drawn sketches and we used the branding from her book cover to make fresh images to illustrate the concepts in her book.

Framework Graphic

Dr. McElroy asked us to help create a graphic that would show how an implementation model is being applied to her research. We created a streamlined, easy-to-follow graphic with separate layers she could use to highlight particular areas as she presents her research.

Non-profit Annual Report

The annual report for this small non-profit is chock-full of information, as well as photos of many of the children and families the organization serves, and needed to be legible and attractive as an online pdf but also a locally-printed document.