Make Over Your Website with Just Three Questions

Small Business Branding Tip #4

Hi, we’re back with our tips on strengthening your brand. We’re all about DIY (on the cheap too!) but we’re also here for you if you need a helping hand! Just get in touch >

So, your website.

When I first heard Marie Forleo talk about “website shame,” I had a website I had originally built off a Dreamweaver tutorial back in 2009. And I think it was 2015. So yeah, she was talking to me. I definitely didn’t want to tell anyone to visit my website!

I know you want to see it, so here it is:

It doesn’t exactly want to make anyone want to hire me to do their design! But the good thing is, it was gotten easier and easier to have a stellar website! Or at least one you’re not ashamed of. We built a brand-new website because there was really no saving the old one and we continue to refine it to this day. Your business grows and changes and your website should evolve to reflect that. Read More

Small Business Branding Tip Series

Small Business Branding Tip Series

Branding is not just about making a logo and website. It’s every interaction you have with every person whether online or in person. At Guglik Design, we care about your business and we care about branding. That’s why we launched this series on brand tweaks you can take care of yourself that will increase your credibility, expand your brand, and hopefully make people want to work with you! Once you implement one, it will continue to pay off as you move on to the next. Read More