Boost Your Brand with Strong Image Selection

Small Business Branding Tip #2

Hi, we’re back with our second tip in this series on brand tweaks you can take care of yourself that will increase your credibility, expand your brand, and hopefully make people want to work with you! Once you implement one, it will continue to pay off as you move on to the next.

Let’s talk about what images you use.

Examples of surf company images that are not cohesive

As we mentioned in our last post on cover images, an image can do everything from make you drool or make you feel a certain way to make you want to work with a certain company. And as small business owners, we’re probably hoping for all three of those things! Read More

Invitation Time! (Part 2)

I don’t typically design many invitations, but since we had several milestone events in my family this year, it was INVITATION TIME!!

Invitation #2: The Wine and Mead Wedding

So my family member asked me to design her wedding invitations… the pressure! Would this bride turn into a bride-zilla or would she be happy with my work? Either way, I felt privileged to be asked and was determined to create something beautiful for the happy couple.

This event was also taking place at a vineyard, and instead of being a working farm, it was also a meadery. The tricky thing is that every time you say that, people think you’re saying “meatery.” Oh well. If you don’t know what mead is, it’s a honey wine that has been around since ancient times. Gorgeous location, right?  Read More