Make the Most of Your Social Media Cover Images

Small Business Branding Tip #1

As small business owners, we’re all about working smarter, not harder! At Guglik Design, we care about your business and we care about branding. That’s why we’re launching this series on brand tweaks you can take care of yourself that will increase your credibility, expand your brand, and hopefully make people want to work with you! Once you implement one, it will continue to pay off as you move on to the next.

Let’s start with social media cover images.

Examples of Krispy Kreme cover images on different social media platforms

If you’re a small business owner, most likely you’re on one, if not several, social media platforms. Most of the main ones give you an opportunity to personalize your page with a cover image. Also called a header image, background photo, or channel art, this is the large image that stretches across the top and is sometimes behind your profile photo. Here are some examples from Krispy Kreme—why not?! Read More