Invitation Time! (Part 1)

I don’t typically design many invitations, but since we had several milestone events in my family this year, it was INVITATION TIME!!

Invitation #1: The 4-in-1 Solution

So this one was a little tricky since it was actually a celebration of four different milestones in one event! Two birthdays and two anniversaries for one couple. I approached it like a data visualization project… How could I tie these milestones together? Or would I focus on some sort of wine-related theme since it was being held at a vineyard? Or for that matter, the vineyard was also a working farm with miniature horses! Do I make it like a timeline? Do the numbers have some sort of significance? So many directions to go! Sometimes, you try and try and then you finally have to admit defeat. There was no clever solution. I added the years together for a grand total of 180 years to celebrate and then made a little symbol of their initials joining together with a heart. I did end up being inspired by the vineyard and used wine-related colors of purple and green. Because I love data visualization, of course I had to create icons for the milestones! I think it worked out and the celebration milestones were clear!

I also made a reverse-color insert for the out-of-town guests to know what else was around the area. What can I say—I love icons!

The event was a happy time on a beautiful day! And just in case you were wondering about those miniature horses…

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