Small Business Branding Tip Series

Small Business Branding Tip Series

Branding is not just about making a logo and website. It’s every interaction you have with every person whether online or in person. At Guglik Design, we care about your business and we care about branding. That’s why we launched this series on brand tweaks you can take care of yourself that will increase your credibility, expand your brand, and hopefully make people want to work with you! Once you implement one, it will continue to pay off as you move on to the next.

As small business owners ourselves, we understand you may have a limited budget. But just because we’re small doesn’t mean we can’t look just as professional the owners of large companies.

This series offers branding tips you can take care of on your own for free or inexpensively. Of course, get in touch with us at Guglik Design for any other branding help you need!

Here are all the tips so far:

Make the Most of Your Social Media Cover Images

Boost Your Brand with Strong Image Selection

Put a Professional Face on Your Business with Polished Headshots

Make Over Your Website with Just Three Questions

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